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The Big Thicket Association, a non-profit, 501-C3 environmental organization, is seeking an individual to coordinate and manage a budget and the conservation programs in the Big Thicket region. The applicant must have a combination of education and experience in environmental affairs. This position requires grant writing and fundraising, along with good organization and communication skills. The position is part-time (30 hours per week) with a salary range of $27,000 to $36,000 annually, depending on qualifications and experience. This position is based at the Field Research Station in Saratoga, Texas. See the job description on the BTA website at www.btatx.org . Applicants should email their credentials, resume and questions to J. Ruppel at j8ruppel@gt.rr.com. This information is due by Wednesday, January 18, 2012.



Executive Director

The Big Thicket Consortium is composed of the Big Thicket Association, The Big Thicket Natural Heritage Trust, The Thicket of Diversity, and the Lamar University Big Thicket Studies Center.  The Consortium also manages the Field Research Station for the Big Thicket National Preserve and supports the West Gulf Coastal Plain Science Conference.  The Executive Director administers the programs of the component organizations in the Consortium under the direction of a Big Thicket Association Board of Directors. 
Big Thicket Consortium Charter, ARTICLE  VIII – Executive Director

The Executive Director shall be appointed and supervised by the Association president; shall have the responsibility to maintain accurate accounts for the Association and Consortium members, shall supervise record-keeping and communications for the Association and the Consortium, and perform such other tasks assigned by the President of the Association

The Director must meet the following qualifications.

Education:   a BA/BS in biology or allied sciences, political science, communications, or history is preferred.

Experience:  appropriate combinations of environmental experiences that complement active work with conservation groups; government land management or environmental regulatory agencies; grant procurement; public relations.

Skills Needed:

1.    Administrative:  ability to organize and prioritize
(a)    Active involvement and oversight for all Consortium programs
(b)    Support Big Thicket National Preserve initiatives, especially the Thicket of Diversity, in cooperation with Preserve Leadership and the Thicket of Diversity Council
(c)    Maintain participation in all preservation efforts including state and national parks, wildlife refuges, sanctuaries, land trusts, etc
(d)    Prepare grant applications and otherwise support fundraising efforts
(e)    Monitor planning documents and draft comments in cooperation with Conservation Committees
(f)    Work closely and cooperatively with presidents of member groups

2.    Supervision:  oversight of support functions including
(a)    Membership records of Big Thicket Association and Big Thicket Natural Heritage Trust
(b)    Accounting records of Big Thicket Association and Thicket of Diversity
(c)    Management of the Field Research Station

3.    Communication: 
(a)    Submit monthly reports to the Big Thicket Association president as well as quarterly reports at Big Thicket Association board meetings
(b)    Maintain website for Big Thicket Association, Field Research Station, Science Conference, and All Taxa  Biodiversity Inventory
(c)    Issue periodic news releases regarding events / issues in cooperation with appropriate committees
(d)    Represent the Consortium at conferences and meetings of regional and state groups

1.    This is a 30 hour per week position
2.    Re-employment and salary are dependent on the availability of funds
3.    The Big Thicket Association is an equal opportunity employer

Position Description

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