BTA Hires New Executive Director

President Kathy Smartt announces hiring of new Executive Director Ms. Wendy J. Ledbetter. Wendy is a past board member and officer with over 25 years of conservation and management experience. Welcome Wendy!

Ms. Ledbetter has over 25 years of conservation and management experience most recently as Forest Program Manager for Texas Chapter of THE NATURE CONSERVANCY. She is also a former officer and board member of Big Thicket Association with close ties to our organization. Her education includes a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University. In 2008, she was awarded BTA’s R.E. Jackson Conservation Award. Her knowledge of East Texas, and particularly the entire Big Thicket Area, will be invaluable to the organization. We are sure everyone will assist and support her in this new adventure.

The Big Thicket Association (BTA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit headquartered in Beaumont, Texas and offers programs that support conservation, preservation, and education in the Big Thicket region. The Executive Director manages these programs under the direction of a Board of Directors with the support of various program committees. BTA is a “Friends Group” to the Big Thicket National Preserve headquartered in Kountze, Texas.